Sci Sole San Simone is one of the best property developments over the whole of the Alps.

Property sales are being managed by Compagnie Immobiliari Associate, a leading real estate company.

Compagnie Immobiliari Associate has been selecting property developments since 1992 on the basis of detailed studies on market characteristics, design choices and environmental sustainability with special attention to location of each single dwelling.

Compagnie Immobiliari Associate's seaside solutions are also top quality and they are located at seaside destinations which are the envy of the whole world: Sardinia and Sicily.

It has evaluated the locations awarded top honours by leading environmental organisations such as FEE (UN) Legambiente and selected the best possible location: a front rank position.

The best possible position, then, on the sea front or the ski slopes, Compagnie Immobiliari Associate offers unique and exclusive homes and is happy to provide its clients with full assistance and guarantees in a life experience which will truly enhance your personal wellbeing.